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The Data Security Quadrant How Secure is your data today?

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The Data Security Quadrant tracks real-time trends in enterprise data protection. Your participation helps improve data security awareness for your organization and the industry as a whole.

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Note: All quadrant information is anonymous.

Who we are: K logix is the leading data security company. We protect the information that drives your business.

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Step 1: How do you react to the scenarios below?
Step 2: Tech or Policy focused? Plot yourself.

Where Do You Fit?

Think about your data security. Here are some sample scenarios to get you thinking

An employee sends PII over Gmail from Starbucks.

  • Are there data handling standards preventing this?
  • Do you have the technology in place to stop this breech?

A hacker penetrates a database housing critical IP.

  • Do you have procedures in place to react effectively?
  • Will your security infrastructure alert you of this?

A financial contractor leaves the company.

  • Are there procedures for revoking his access?
  • Do you have technology to ensure no data leaves with him?

Choose your location. Mouse over the quadrant and click on a square to plot yourself and add your comment to the chart. Please Note: All information is anonymous.

Which best describes you?

Where Does Your Organization Fit?

The Data Security Quandrant, explained.

Technology Driven: We do not know exactly where all our data is, and our organization does not have written policies governing data access, but we're comfortable the technology we've put in place will help protect it from threats.

Prepared: We have security standards and procedures and best of breed technologies to support them. But we know we must continuously evaluate risk and make smart decisions to keep pace with business transformation and emerging threats.

Exposed: Change comes so quickly and new threats to data appear all the time - we do not believe technology or policy can keep up.

Documented: Our data governance policies are documented and our users have been informed about how to appropriately handle data. We have not invested in technology to ensure these policies are followed.

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Our Methodology »  Discover, Monitor, Inform, Enforce -  Our methodology leverages best practices to ensure better data protection for our clients.

Why K logix » Experienced and honest data protection experts, a proven methodology and satisfied clients.

About Us » We are the leading data security company. We protect the information that drives your business. We incorporate proven best practices and technologies to safeguard your data against internal and external threats.

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